Cassie’s Story


Cassie’s Story – Living Remote

Living remotely, it’s hard to connect with new Mothers.

We have one play group up here in Mallacoota, and it’s of kids all ages, because there is just not enough people in the community to have Mother’s Group.

As someone who was really fit before my pregnancy, I found it really hard early postnatal because I just wasn’t the same.

My whole physical identity has changed post-pregnancy.

And 5 months on I’m only just started to see that come back. 

I haven’t put on much weight, I’ve always been quite a healthy weight and pregnancy didn’t change that for me, it’s more just how I feel and my own sense of fitness.

I’m so grateful to have found the PregActive Post-Baby Recovery online program as it’s really helped me get back into my fitness progressively.

I was scared it was going to be just boring basic stuff, but now as I have progressed through the modules I’m feeling so much fitter and stronger but feel assured it’s still all safe.

I link it up to my TV and press play and there’s my 20-minute workout.

Cassie's Story - Living Remote as a New Mother

Kerryn personally called me when I had questions early on, and even now almost four months down the track we had another great chat.

Life is busy, it always is. In the middle of renovations and wanting to do a full clean out and start fresh, with a 5-month-old, it just all feels impossible.

But taking it one step at a time, at our own pace has really helped – and I think that’s the same for fitness.

I’m getting the results I want now and feeling so good in my body, but I knew I couldn’t jump in too quick.

I used to have my own business as a hair dresser.

And hadn’t realised until now that I do also miss adult conversation.

That’s one part about a community is actually speaking in real person. The way of the world and text messages can often be so impersonal, you really can’t blurt out in a text how you feel sometimes.

There really is power in just picking up the phone and calling or meeting up for a cuppa.

The first three months post-birth felt like they went forever, but not at 5 months things have settled down and I’m enjoying each moment.

I’ll look back in years to come and think that whole first year just went so quick – and I’m not even half way through it yet!

Just feeling good to be able to reflect on what’s been, what’s here and what’s next.

And knowing if I take action to help myself, I’m going be able to be there with more energy for my son and my family.

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Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Specialist who teaches pregnancy classes in Melbourne Australia. Kerryn has over 10 years of extensive experience in women’s health, fitness and well-being specialising in prenatal and postnatal exercise. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe diastasis recti exercises to help heal abdominal separation. Kerryn holds a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sport Science, is a qualified Prenatal Pilates Instructor.


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