Meet Carla Johnson – Accredited Dietitian

Carla Johnson Prenatal Dietitian

Carla Johnson is an accredited practising dietitian (APD) who is enthusiastic about helping busy women live better, balanced lives through the nurturing of food. Carla is passionate about food and creating a positive relationship with it; no fads, no gimmicks – just tailored advice to enjoy wholesome and fresh food, normally.

Carla is a long time friend of mine and together we want to help women look after themselves through and post their pregnancy journey.

Nutrition is a strong influence in the way we function day to day as is not only essential for our well-being but food is enriched in our society and the way we live.

It’s even more important to understand how the role of food not only impacts our physical and mental health but also how it influences our children’s genetic portfolio and their exposure to good nutrition.

Carla shares her tips and advice on prenatal and postnatal nutrition throughout our site. You can see Carla’s informative videos in the Prenatal Nutrition section.

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