Pregnancy Pillow Guide when Buying in Australia


How to Choose the Right Pregnancy Pillow for YOU!

A pregnancy pillow is known by many names including; maternity pillow, bolster pillow and side sleeper pillow.

When pregnant, getting a good night sleep can be difficult. For many reasons out of your control, you feel like it is impossible to sleep through the night.

Your belly is growing. Maybe your backache is increasing. Pregnancy hormones are playing havoc on your entire body. Your suffering from one of the many common body changes and pregnancy symptoms that prevent you from getting a good night sleep.

Any little bit of help you can get is well worth it. And this is where a pregnancy pillow can help.

Where has My Good Sleep Gone???

Tips for buying the right pillow for YOU!
Tips for buying the right pillow for YOU!

Tips for Buying the Best Pillow for YOU!

When buying a pillow in Australia there are some key points to know before you make that purchase.

You can find maternity pillows at many of Australia’s leading stores such as K Mart, Target, Baby Bunting and Big W. There are also smaller boutique shops selling a wide range of pillows and brands.

You can type ‘best pregnancy pillow review’ into Google and you will get the latest reviews. From there you can start searching for the best price. Of course, your best reviews will likely come from your friends.

Find the Best Pregnancy Pillow that Suits Your Personal Needs

You will soon find out that not every pillow is made of the same quality, materials, and design. Some look better than others. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Try BEFORE You Buy!

A good place to start is by asking your pregnant friends what type they use. While we don’t want to use someone else’s pillow, you can at least try it out for a minute or two.

As your pregnancy progresses into the third trimester, your belly will continue to grow. This can create some uncomfortable challenges for you. It will impact on your sleep.

The majority of pillows are designed for sleeping on your side.


Because you should avoid lying on your back when pregnant. You should not worry if you wake up on your back. Just simply roll over on to your side. This is where a pillow can assist you in remaining on your side more often.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow
Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

A maternity pillow will help keep you comfortable during the last months of your pregnancy when you need it the most. The benefit is that you can snuggle with it while sleeping experiencing some relief. It will help provide you with additional support at all the right places.

Pregnancy pillows can help with sciatica pains, carpal tunnel and back pains. Propping yourself up helps eliminate the reflux.

Pillows Can Help Alleviate Pain in the:

1. Back
2. Knees
3. Ankles
4. Belly
5. Shoulders
6. Neck

When Should You Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

This will come down to you as we are all different. If you are having trouble sleeping then that is generally a good sign to get one.

If I were to give a general time frame, then often pillows become needed in the middle of your second trimester which is when you’ll feel the most comfort using a pregnancy pillow, but you can certainly start before if you feel the need.

It is during this time when the womb starts to get bigger to accommodate for the growing baby. This can result in round ligament pain and other aches.

Your Checklist

1. Provides body support. Your pillow should support your entire body and provide you with additional comfort. This contributes to getting a better night’s sleep.

2. Reduces body aches. By sleeping on your side, or in a better position, you will avoid unwanted aches and pains in your neck or back.

3. Can lower risk of snoring due to being on side. Studies show that sleeping on your back promotes snoring.

4. Stimulate deep sleep.

5. Can be used in different positions.

What Else?

6. Help you remain calm. Having peace of mind knowing you are sleeping on your side can provide you with a sense of calm.

7. Can be used after birth when breastfeeding for support. Yes, your pillow is also of great benefit post pregnancy.

8. Supports your growing belly.

9. Is double sided so you can roll over with ease.

10. Is fully washable.

Hi, I’m Kerryn, the Founder of PregActive

When I was pregnant I realised that everyone wants to recommend products. While this is welcome and gives me a starting point, I had to find what worked for me. And I want you to do the same for you.

I have just uploaded this awesome 30 minute prenatal yoga video to YouTube so please check it out if you would love a workout to not only get you fit, but also help you relax!

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Prenatal Birth Prep to Ease Labour PainWhat Type of Pillow You Need

There are some pillows that are specifically designed for a certain type of pain. If you are experiencing discomfort, or aches, in just a few areas then you want to look for a smaller pillow.

The smaller sized pillow can go under your belly or between your knees. I would recommended you not only read the features and specifications of a pillow, but also search online for testimonials or reviews.

Where can I find a good pregnancy pillow?

A good place is to start with one of the major local stores near you. This way you can go and hold the pillow, feel it and see if it is one you want. I would recommend you do your research prior to going so you know which brands to look at and which ones to avoid.

I have a few friends who have bought their pillows on Amazon. If you use Amazon Prime, you can get it quickly and start sleeping comfortably within a few days. But, do your research first and get the right pillow for you.

Best Pregnancy Pillows for 2020

1. Ultimate Sleep Maternity Pillow

2. Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow

3. Side Sleeper Pro

4. Cuddle Up Body Pillow

5. Bellybean Maternity Pillow

6. Cradletight Maternity Support Cushion

7. Ready2Roll Pregnancy Pillow

What to Look for – A Pillow that:

1. Is firm but not too firm.

2. Can support your weight.

3. Has a washable cover.

4. Is evenly padded.

5 Is stuffed fully.

6. Doesn’t shift or lump-up in one area.

Be strong for pregnancy and motherhood
How to Use Your Pillow Correctly

Ideally you should follow the instructions that come with the pillow when purchased. Essentially, all maternity pillows are specially designed for sleeping on the side.

So How Should A Pregnant Woman Sleep With A Body Pillow?

I think the answer to this question is however you want and what position is most comfortable to you. Ideally try stick to sleeping on your side. There are some rather strict guidelines for sleeping during pregnancy which mostly surrounds trying to avoid sleeping on your back.

1. The pillow should support your neck.

When you are sleeping on your side, the pillow should be positioned so that it supports your head and neck. This encourages your spine to remain as straight as possible.

2. You will want to slide the pillow under your belly.

You can do this by gently lifting your belly and sliding a portion of the pillow underneath when lying on your side.

3. Place the pillow between your legs.

This will help to relieve pressure on your joints and may even reduce swelling by improving your circulation.

4. Always try to ensure your back is supported.

Most pregnancy pillows provide a wrap-around portion that will support your back. As well as preventing you from rolling onto your back or right side during sleep.


Your friends will often be your best resource when it comes to buying a pillow. Their experience can be a good guide for you. Pillows range in price, from cheap to very expensive. Again, price doesn’t always mean that is the best one for you.

Remember, Please Do your own research.

Ask your friends. Compare prices. And remember, there are some other things you can do to help good a good night sleep! Eat well, avoid the wrong foods before bedtime and participate in a regular prenatal exercise program.

I personally find yoga and some meditation helps me to sleep better. So find what works for you!

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