Body Changes When Pregnant


Body Changes When Pregnant

From the time of conception right up until the time you give birth, you will experience some major body change when pregnant. There are some well known changes but do you know all of them?

It is important you are aware of how your body will change throughout your pregnancy. This is very important when it comes to exercising as you must also adapt your prenatal workouts as your belly grows.

Find out what to expect through each trimester and also be aware that some will continue after birth.

Body Changes When Pregnant

Common Body Changes When Pregnant Include:

  1. Constipation

2. Body aches

3. A growing belly

4. Emotional symptoms

5. Frequent urination

6. Light-headedness

7. Heartburn

8. Numb or tingling hands

9. Skin changes

10. Breast changes

And that enough thanks!

Sorry, here is a few more Body Changes When Pregnant

11. Vaginal changes

12. Indigestion

13. Hemorrhoids

14. Itching

15. Leg cramps

16. Nasal Problems

Pelvic floor

Diastasis Recti

You may have read online or heard one of your friends talk about diastasis recti which is when the pressure of the growing baby stretches the connective tissues between the two bands of the main stomach muscle (the rectus abdominis).

This is why the period immediately following birth is so important as it can often take about up to six weeks for these muscles to realign.

It takes even longer for you to regain your ‘abdominal strength’ which is why some programs that promote intense exercise programs involving traditional sit-ups or crunches will not only cause you pain but also potentially cause you greater harm.

You can learn more about diastasis recti exercises that you should be performing here. Please always ensure your class instructor is qualified to teach both prenatal and postnatal classes.

body changes when pregnant

Motherhood is Exhausting!

Pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, and coping with the demands of caring for a newborn are exhausting!

You can prepare for pregnancy and what you may encounter but you will soon learn that your first year of motherhood will involve a lot of exhaustion and sleepless days.

While being active and recommencing an exercise program (when ready!) can help boost your energy levels; if you go too hard too fast then you will cause possible injury and.

Relaxin and How it Affects Your Body

When you are pregnant, a hormone called relaxin is released which has the effect of softening up your body’s ligaments and muscles as it prepares for birth.

The negative aspect of relaxin is that is can leave you vulnerable to injury as there is a lingering effect of relaxin for several months following birth.

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