Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy


Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

PregActive’s Women’s Health Physiotherapist Beth Scott discusses the health benefits of exercise during pregnancy. In this video, I chat to Beth about how both mother and baby can benefit from a prenatal workout that provides safe exercises.

From teaching prenatal classes to conducting workouts that are dedicated to safely working out when pregnant; I know just how important it is to know what exercises are safe, and which exercises you must avoid.

Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

1. Boosts your energy.

2. Improves your mood.

3. Improves your posture.

3. Reduce backaches.

4. Helps reduce constipation.

5. Aids in reducing bloating.

6. Can help reduce swelling.

7. May help prevent, or treat, gestational diabetes.

8. Promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance.

9. Can help you to sleep better.

By staying ‘PregActive’ during pregnancy, you are physically preparing your body for labour. You are also making itย easier for you to get back into shape after your baby is born.

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