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I want YOU to be empowered with the knowledge and facts you deserve when it comes to prenatal and post-pregnancy health and fitness.

As a pregnant woman, or mother, I know the constant stress and pressure placed upon you. The endless life-changing decisions you are faced with.

The challenges of raising children. The judgement you constantly feel about your parental decisions.

And then on top of all that, trying to look after your own health and well-being.

Let My PregActive Team Help YOU!

This is where our amazing, dedicated and inspiring team at PregActive are here for YOU!

While there may be plenty of help available for you when you are pregnant, or support for your newborn baby; we know just how important it is that YOU are also being taken care of. Your health, well-being and your mental health. Your fitness. Your recovery!

PregActive is all about the health of the mother!

Because a healthy mother is so important to the development of a healthy baby and a healthy family.

We are experts in the field of pregnancy and postpartum exercise with years of experience in helping people become the healthier, happier person they want be. Our knowledge is from Exercise Physiology, Yoga and Pilates.

Support for ALL Women during Pregnancy

Support for ALL Women during Pregnancy

Our mission is to reach as many women as possible, to promote a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and to provide the resources they require to get professional help in their local area.

We want all women to be empowered with the knowledge they need about pregnancy check-ups, information on safe & effective exercises, healthy eating during pregnancy. AND to feel supported during this exciting but life-changing period.

Prenatal Classes

We specialise in prenatal health and fitness and encourage women with uncomplicated pregnancies to stay active throughout their entire pregnancy.

Our classes are designed to keep you strong and mobile throughout your pregnancy. They are specifically designed to prepare you for labour, birth and motherhood.

Support for ALL Women After Childbirth

While there is a lot of support for a newborn baby; many women struggle alone with their own health, mental wellbeing (postnatal depression) and body changes during the challenging postpartum period.

This is where our PregActive Advocates play a vital role in providing the resources new mothers need for their own health and well-being.

If we can’t physically be present to help a new mother, then we want to point them in the right direction for help and support in their local area.

Be strong for pregnancy and motherhood

Being ‘PregActive’ involves being supportive of all women.

We do not judge and we do not push an unrealistic body image on new mothers. Instead we encourage ALL women to strive for a healthy lifestyle and to be proud and accepting of their body.

A fit and healthy body comes in all shapes and sizes, and new mothers should not be targeted by constant advertising messages to achieve an unrealistic body image post-pregnancy!

My Online Prenatal + Postpartum Programs Include

PregActive Prenatal Classes Online

Core Rehab for Mamas for diastasis recti and pelvic floorStronger Mama online weight loss program for mamas

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