5 Benefits of Being Healthy Before Pregnancy

Let’s Get Healthy Before Pregnancy

It is really important that you are healthy before pregnancy. You do not want to take any injuries or chronic illnesses int your pregnancy if you can help it.

When you decide to make positive changes to your lifestyle, you will benefit when it comes to your health. Not only will you be giving your baby the best chance of having a healthier future, you are also providing yourself with the opportunity to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Let's Get Healthy Before Pregnancy

Here are five benefits from making healthy lifestyle choices:

1. Fight off Disease with Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Regular physical activity combined with a healthy diet can go a long way in preventing health conditions such as:

1. High blood pressure

2. Diabetes

3. Arthritis

4. Depression

5. Heart disease

6. Stroke

7. Cholesterol

8. Metabolic syndrome

9. Certain types of cancer

2. Improve Your Mental Well-being when pregnant

Being physically fit and healthy can also contribute to a healthier mindset. You will feel more relaxed, happier, have greater energy and boost your self-esteem.

A key part to our mental health is creating and maintaining a support network of family and friends. Socialising has numerous health benefits so make sure you book in some dates with friends.

Healthy Before Pregnancy

3. Take on Life with Increased Energy

When you eat well you feel less bloated and you tend to have more energy. High fat and high sugar foods may taste good when you eat then but it is not long afterwards that you experience a drop in energy and can feel sluggish.

Regular physical exercise:

1. Improves muscle strength.

2. Boosts endurance.

3. Gives you more energy.

4. Delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.

5. Gets your cardiovascular system working more efficiently.

6. Promotes better sleep.

4. Live a Longer, Happier and Healthier Life

Choosing a healthy lifestyle will increase your chances of fighting off unwanted diseases and allow you to live longer. When you quit smoking, reduce your alcohol intake, exercise regularly and eat well you are doing your best to live longer.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight

When you eat well and exercise regularly you can avoid the cyclical problems associated with weight gain and weight loss. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding the high sugar foods will help control weight.

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