3 Rules to Successfully Losing Weight and Keeping it Off!


3 Rules to Successfully Losing Weight and Keeping it Off!

When losing weight becomes too time consuming and too complicated then it is unlikely you will be able to sustain your program for too long. As a mama, trying to lose baby weight, you need to have a realistic and achievable plan.

We not only want you to lose your unwanted weight but we also want you to then maintain a healthy weight for life! Here are three basic rules that should govern any weight loss program.

Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

3 Rules to Successfully Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

1. Keep your weight loss program simple.
2. Make your weight loss program realistic.
3. Continue to make healthy lifestyle choices for life.

Too many diets force you to count points, weight your food, buy pre-packaged meals, or force you to drink or eat the same product every day.

It is just not sustainable to maintain a lifestyle where eating becomes so time consuming and such a chore. Our PregActive nutrition program aims to keep it simple.

Our goal is to first educate you on healthy eating and then get you to take control of how much, what and when you eat.

Can You….
  1. Sustain drinking smoothies every meal for the rest of your life?
  2. Drink just lemon water to lose weight?
  3. Remain on a protein only diet continuously?
  4. Endlessly count points for every meal?
  5. Starve yourself every few days and not eat any food? Unlikely!

There are some key points to losing weight and more importantly eating healthy food for life.

Avoid eating foods that have been highly processed and contain little nutritional benefit. You should eat food to nourish your body by providing it with the required nutrients to sustain good health.

A key component of your weight loss program is exercise. You should also strive to keep your exercise workouts simple.

My video workouts have been designed to help you out as all you need is 5 – 30 minutes to complete a workout in your home. If you need a lot of equipment to workout, are experiencing difficulties with a gym membership or finding exercise a chore then you will be more likely to avoid exercising.

Keep it simple and find what works for you!

Remember that your goal is to lose unwanted weight and then maintain a healthy weight for life to ensure good health. Once you succeed in reaching your goal weight then you must continue to eat well, exercise regularly and make healthy choices.

We all have bad days or periods in our life that take us away from our healthy living choices but the important aspect is that you get back on track as soon as you can to avoid the cyclical nature of gaining and losing weight.

So remind yourself of these three basic rules and keep your weight loss program simple, make it realistic and maintain a program to keep the weight off for life!

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