10 Best Labor and Birthing Positions for You and Baby

10 Best Labor and Birthing Positions for You and Baby

I have just published a new video on the best birthing positions using a chair or cushions and I want to share that video with you here. You can watch it below and I think it you will like it!

Also, my online pregnancy fitness program will show you the best birthing positions to reduce tearing.

Best Birthing Positions Video

Here are Just a Few of the Birthing Positions You Will Learn About.

1. Incline side lying supported by cushions

Working with gravity in this rested side lying position is a great position both for the rest between contractions, but also during contractions, especially later in your labor.

2. Childs pose

Being close to the ground can help you to feel grounded. You can also do this on the bed. Having your knees wide apart can help open the hips, just be careful not to go too low to the ground.

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3. Kneeling Hip Circles on Hands

This is so nice, just to drop down into all fours and do these slow, rhythmic circles. Be mindful of your wrists in this pose, I personally prefer having my elbows on the side of the chair, couch or bed in a more upright position.

You are soon to meet your gorgeous baby, and that is certainly something to be excited about. I work with so many women that come to me fearing birth, and working with me and my Birth Prep Program they feel stronger, more empowered and completely informed going into the birthing experience.

4. Supported Kneeling

Focusing on deep slow breaths here. Having something under your knees to support can be helpful. Relax and focus on your breathing, whilst trying to let your weight drop into the support of the chair.

5. Chair Hip Circles

Conserving energy is so important, particularly in that early stage of labor. These movements help with the hips and the back and your progression through labor. Movement is key in labor, but slow controlled movement where you don’t expend too much of your energy is what you want.

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Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn Boyle
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